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Corporate Driver Services

Are you worried? That your foreign business delegation is arriving shortly and you need an individual or a team of "smart drivers".

We can understand the significance of the business you are running and how much does it worth you? We know the importance of the appointments, business meetings, corporate events and team attendance etc.

The discipline of time and punctuality is our priority, because for us the commitment made to you has precedence over all. We cleverly avoid any thing on the road that may hamper the pick up or drop off timings. So if you are looking for "driver in Dubai" for your company contact us now, so a "reliable & smart driver" may become a part of your esteemed corporate team.

Designated Driver Services

Are you speculating, drive me home drivers! Then don’t worry we religiously follow the slogan ‘don’t drink and drive’.

If you are drunk heavily at late night outing, dining or partying occasions then call us as we are always proved to be trustworthy "safe driver".

Your trust is our vital sign and once you are intoxicated then you can trust us, as our "easy driver" can reach you on a single call to assist you in any desperate or dire situation along with your "assets safely" to your door step.

You can call a cab to land safely at home after you are high on, we are ready for 24/7 services.

Valet Parking Services

If you are running a business of stores, restaurants or other businesses where you will surely need valet parking services done by the professionals to make your clients or customers feel affluent.

This is the best solution you could give to your customers while, you are having very less space to provide parking. The valet as a "smart driver" will save your customer’s time in taking out or parking the car in such a way that should save your customer’s time waiting outside. Our valets are"professional drivers" that will maintain space in parking or garage and work according to the prescience of expected number of foot falls. The team valet splits and work as designated greeters, stackers and parkers to bring more efficiency to the work.

Chauffeur services in Dubai

Our "Chauffeur services" are not done by the ordinary drivers but what the distinct about this service is that the "professional drivers" those who work exemplarily by understanding your needs for eg.

 If you are a tourist in Dubai then our chauffeur is proved to be tour guide.

 You visited Dubai first time for your business then our chauffeur is proved to be sort of consultant with the brief knowledge of cosmopolitan culture of Dubai.

 For your foreign delegates chauffeur is proved to be an assistant in all types of requirements.

 If the vehicle breaks down that time he is "smart driver" to cope up small issues on his own.

 He knows what exactly you are going to need on the basis of experience.

 He has great skill of rapport building and empathetic approach.